Job Application Form

BCBA Programmer

Responsible for client’s assessments and ensuring programming accuracy. Collaborates with other departments to ensure full integration with other TDLC services. Supervises RBT personnel.


  • Houston, TX


  • Full/Part Time


  • ABA

Required Education:

  • Master's degree in behavior analysis or related field and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Required Experience:

  • One or more years experience with ABA therapy.

Essential Skills:

  • Experience working with children with autism
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office specifically Excel
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, organizational, presentation, problem solving, and multitasking skills are required
  • Intensive data taking
  • Excellent customer service skills

Job Description:

  • Conducts assessments on new clients
  • Supports RBT staff by answering questions and ensure supervision hours are met
  • Updates insurance treatment plans
  • Updates client treatment plans including initial, 90-day, insurance forms, and BIPs
  • Conducts functional behavior assessments
  • Assists in staff trainings
  • Ensures all graphs and client files are organized and update
  • Collaborates with all TDLC's departments
  • Plan curriculum and integrate ABA principles for social skills classes at various levels (age and cognition)
  • Able to train and delegate to teacher/shadows how to run a classroom
  • Systematically review and update client treatment goals
  • Updates behavior intervention plan and clients profile
  • Prepare reports- VBMAPP Assessment and Evaluation Report, Summary Discharge, Insurance, etc.
  • Conducting and Monitoring functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans
  • Organize so clients get taped on a monthly basis
  • Monitor communication goals to ensure efficiency
  • Lead ABA staff meetings
  • Utilize criterion-based assessments (VB-MAPP, AFLS)
  • Oversee VBMAPP Assessment/AFLS Assessment
  • Effectively communicating with outside agencies/service providers
  • Maintaining certification (if applicable) and remaining abreast of current research and best practice in the field of ABA
  • Delegating duties and responsibilities to Assistant Programmers and Therapists
  • Ability to communicate knowledge in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Ethical Standards in Behavior Analysis
  • Ability to work effectively with various technology related to communication (PECS, voice output devices) and basic implementation of sign language to aide in verbal behavior
  • Provide training/implementation of curriculum related to reading, math, handwriting and social skills (EdMark, Go Phonics, Touch Math, Menu/Market Math, Handwriting without Tears, Think Social, Social Skills Builder, New 2 You, etc.)
  • Continuously checks the mastered target list
  • Evaluates new programs and checks for effectiveness and trains appropriate staff on programs
  • Delegate client/classroom updates and maintenance of programs to team programmer to complete
  • Supervise therapist to accurately implement programming updates
  • Ensures all reports are completed on time (yearend reports, 90-day reports, and insurance forms)
  • Maintains datasheet and maintenance changes
  • Meets with parents and conducts training on how to generalize skills to the home setting
  • Monitors daily progress of clients on caseload and ensures to probe targets and future programs of clients
  • Attends related meetings to ensure consistency, accuracy, and that client's program is on target
  • Reviews progress notes at the end of the day
  • Responds to parents or staff concerns
  • Videotapes client sessions (first 10-15 days of month/30 minutes) and organizes video files
  • Supports front line staff with ABA therapy when needed
  • Ensures to reinforce staff for continual motivation
  • Other duties as assigned

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We know that insurance for autism can often be complex and at times, overwhelming. For that reason, we maintain an on-board staff ready to answer your questions or assist you with your insurance intake needs.

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