Why work at TDLC?

There's something special about working with children with ASD. There's a sense of pride that comes from assisting families overcome obstacles, teaching children independence, and making the most of ourselves as individuals.

We are on a new journey of growth, building on our most formidable assets: our quality therapies, competent workforce, and the strong commitment of helping special needs’ families in the greater Houston area. Our journey focuses on enhancing these strengths to become one of the most respected therapy clinics in Houston.

A few reasons to work with us:

  • Ability to make a difference
  • Ability to grow
  • Flexible working hours
  • Diverse team and equal opportunity
  • One-of-a-kind experiences
  • Rewarding environment
  • Internal promotions
  • Competitive pay & benefits

What do we offer

What do we expect from you?

We are looking for...





  • No openings at this location

What people are saying

"One of my favorite things is seeing the smiles on the therapists faces when they are able to exercise ABA principles with clients, and the clients respond accordingly after many training sessions."

~ Sara, Office Manager (290)

"Not all SLPs have an opportunity to work in a setting where they experience the opportunity of seeing a truly non-verbal client become a functional communicator. TDLC strives to make this experience a reality for our therapists, families and clients! Despite joining the TDLC staff as a "seasoned" SLP, I can definitely say that our clients have aided in my continued professional growth!"

~ Kenyetta, Lead Speech Language Pathologist

"In the course of life, one's path crosses in the most unexpected way with others, mine is profoundly impacted by the positive changes and possibilities of change in the world of Autism. Connecting a piece of the puzzle is so rewarding."

~ Sham, ABA Programmer

Fun Fact

Tangible Difference Learning Center was formed on Halloween in 2005

Fun Fact

In the beginning, TDLC only had 2 staff members and 3 clients

Fun Fact

TDLC is now 17,000 sq. ft., but in the beginning, we had 2,800 sq. ft.

Fun Fact

The name, Tangible Difference Learning Center, came from a staff contest after the company acquired LLC status and had to change from its original name

Fun Fact

April 2nd is Autism awareness day

Fun Fact

Project Autism is a local non profit that TDLC supports. Check them out at www.projectautism.org

Fun Fact

The second location (Katy) started in June of 2014

Fun Fact

The third location (Sugarland) started in June of 2016

Fun Fact

The first location (290) started in December of 2007

Fun Fact

April is Occupational Therapy month

Fun Fact

May is Speech Therapy month

Fun Fact

TDLC anniversary is October 2005

Fun Fact

TDLC does not accept donations, but we work with a worthy cause. Project Autism is 501c3 that provided resources etc. Check them out at www.projectautism.org

Fun Fact

We service over 100 kids with Autism with over 100 employees. There are few megaprograms (+100 kids) aside from schools in Texas and even fewer that have ABA, Speech, and OT working together under one roof.

Fun Fact

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