BCBA Programmer

Responsible for client’s assessments and ensuring programming accuracy. Collaborates with other departments to ensure full integration with other TDLC services. Supervises RBT personnel.

Required Education:

Master's degree in behavior analysis or related field and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Required Experience:

One or more years experience with ABA therapy

Essential Skills:

Experience working with children with autism

Proficient in Microsoft Office specifically Excel

Strong communication, interpersonal, organization, presentation, problem solving, and multitasking skills are required

Intensive data taking

Excellent customer service skills

Job Description:

Conducts assessments on new clients

Supports RBT staff by answering questions and ensure supervision hours are met

Updates insurance treatment plans

Updates client treatment plans including initial, 90-day, insurance forms, and BIPs

Conducts functional behavior assessments

Assists in staff trainings

Ensures all graphs and client files are organized and update

Collaborates with all TDLC's departments

Plan curriculum and integrate ABA principles for social skills classes at various levels (age and cognition)

Able to train and delegate to teacher/shadows how to run a classroom

Systematically review and update client treatment goals

Updates behavior intervention plan and clients profile

Prepare reports- VBMAPP Assessment and Evaluation Report, Summary Discharge, Insurance, etc.

Conducting and Monitoring functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans

Organize so clients get taped on a monthly basis

Monitor communication goals to ensure efficiency

Lead ABA staff meetings

Utilize criterion-based assessments (VB-MAPP, AFLS)

Oversee VBMAPP Assessment/AFLS Assessment

Effectively communicating with outside agencies/service providers

Maintaining certification (if applicable) and remaining abreast of current research and best practice in the field of ABA

Delegating duties and responsibilities to Assistant Programmers and Therapists

Ability to communicate knowledge in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Ethical Standards in Behavior Analysis

Ability to work effectively with various technology related to communication (PECS, voice output devices) and basic implementation of sign language to aide in verbal behavior

Provide training/implementation of curriculum related to reading, math, handwriting and social skills (EdMark, Go Phonics, Touch Math, Menu/Market Math, Handwriting without Tears, Think Social, Social Skills Builder, New 2 You, etc.)

Continuously checks the mastered target list

Evaluates new programs and checks for effectiveness and trains appropriate staff on programs

Delegate client/classroom updates and maintenance of programs to team programmer to complete

Supervise therapist to accurately implement programming updates

Ensures all reports are completed on time (yearend reports, 90-day reports, and insurance forms)

Maintains datasheet and maintenance changes

Meets with parents and conducts training on how to generalize skills to the home setting

Monitors daily progress of clients on caseload and ensures to probe targets and future programs of clients

Attends related meetings to ensure consistency, accuracy, and that client's program is on target

Reviews progress notes at the end of the day

Responds to parents or staff concerns

Videotapes client sessions (first 10-15 days of month/30 minutes) and organizes video files

Supports front line staff with ABA therapy when needed

Ensures to reinforce staff for continual motivation

Other duties as assigned

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