Social Skills Older (SSO) GRIZZLY Program:

Ages 6-9

The Grizzly Class is designed for children who are functioning at or near academic grade level but continue to struggle with developing appropriate peer relationships. The objective of this social skills class will focus on addressing challenges faced with problem-solving, emotional regulation, conversational skills, and social language skills. Many children lack the ability to establish and sustain peer relationship.

young students working together on an activity

Skills focused on include:

  • recognizing emotional states
  • communicating emotions
  • awareness of body language
  • social boundaries
  • understanding idioms
  • maintaining topic conversation
  • de-escalation strategies
  • strategies to develop positive peer relationships

The class will foster and reinforce self-control/self management, developing strong perspective taking skills, and appropriate behaviors when socializing with peers.

a teacher and her students water coloring together

After Completion

After completing the SSY Class, a child may be able to successfully attend a PCCD, special education, or mainstream class, depending on the child’s academic performance. With the child’s increased ability to follow group direction and complete tasks independently, many of the obstacles that get in the way of a group learning environment should be greatly reduced.


  • Ages 6-9
  • Must attend an initial consultation meeting to determine eligibility for the class
  • Child must bring own lunch

How to begin?

Please call our main office at 713-993-7554. There is a mandatory initial consultation meeting that is required prior to signing up for the program.
This meeting can be set up when you call our office. We look forward to hearing from you!

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