aba therapy for treating autism

ABA Therapy for Treating Autism

We offer one-on-one intensive ABA therapy for children ages 1-10 using a 3-phase program that prepares your child to enter mainstream or special education schools. The ultimate goal of our customized 3-phase program is to teach your child to naturally learn from his or her environment.

TDLC Customized ABA Programs

individualized data programming for child improvement

Individualized Data Programming

Your child will have his or her own individual data program that is specific to their needs in order to target areas that need improvement.

improved language and communication skills

Language & Communication Improvement

We help your child by expanding upon language and communication skills using natural environmental training and incidental learning.

customized autism behavior intervention plans

Behavior Intervention Plans

With cooperation between you (the parent) and our staff, we use proper instruction and positive reinforcement to help your child modify and or improve behaviors.

TDLC Customized ABA Programs

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA treatment) programs are divided by two different categories based on age and or developmental stages of your child as defined below:

aba therapy programs for older children

ABA Therapy for Younger Children

For younger children, our goal is to improve communication and social interactions and teach basic skills. Areas we help your child with include:

  • Sound pairing, sign language, or PECS (depending on the child's needs and abilities) to increase communication
  • Fine/gross motor skills
  • Self-help skills - potty training, feeding, getting dressed, etc.
  • Tacts, mands, imitating, receptive skills, and expressive skills

ABA Therapy for Older Children

For older children, our goal is independent work, improving social skills, and for your child to be able to entertain himself/herself with varied productive tasks.

  • Vocational training and choice making
  • Regulating emotions
  • Multiple-step activities - e.g. making a sandwich, doing laundry, cleaning his/her room
  • Receptive and expressive language skills
  • Visual Perceptual Skills, Social and Play Skills, and Direction Following
  • Visual schedules
aba therapy programs for younger children

Getting Your Child in an ABA Therapy Program at TDLC

To set up an appointment at one of our centers, please call us at 713-993-7554. During your first appointment, a member of the administration team will give a tour of our facility and talk with you about different treatment options to find the one that will best suit your child's needs.

After the initial meeting, we will set up a second appointment to assess your child. The assessment lasts between an hour to an hour and a half long, and is performed by a member of our Programming Team. After the assessment is completed, the next step is to set up a schedule for your child to receive therapy. In general, it can take two to three weeks for us to get started, depending on insurance verification, scheduling availability, and the services to be provided.

*Please note that we cannot accept walk-ins; meetings are by appointment only.

TDLC Provides Help With Insurance

We know that insurance for autism can often be complex and at times, overwhelming. For that reason, we maintain an on-board staff ready to answer your questions or assist you with your insurance intake needs.

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