Social Skills Younger (SSY/KOALA) Program:

Ages 4-7

The Koala Class is designed for children who have developmental delays but have the prerequisite skills to begin to transition in a group setting to prepare them to successfully attend a PPCD, special education or mainstream class depending on the child’s cognitive, social and behavioral skills. The classroom set-up is modeled to simulate a Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom. The objective of this social skills class will focus on group transitions, following group directions, answering social questions, maintaining behavioral control in group settings, completing tasks independently, asking for assistance, appropriate peer play, turn taking and conversational skills. Children will also be exposed to basic reading and math concepts as well as social skills to foster positive peer relationships. The success of transitioning into less restrictive settings is based on the child’s ability to understand the social and behavioral expectations. These expectations are directly addressed in this class setting to provide the required skills to be successful in the school setting.

young students working together on an activity

Skills focused on include:

  • Identifying emotions
  • Identifying name, address, and necessary personal information
  • How to react and respond to a variety of situations
  • Employability - sustained attention to task and ability to complete a task independently
  • Transitioning between activities
  • Self-help - meal preparation, folding clothes, household chores
a teacher and her students water coloring together

After Completion

After completing the SSY Class, a child may be able to successfully attend a PCCD, special education, or mainstream class, depending on the child’s academic performance. With the child’s increased ability to follow group direction and complete tasks independently, many of the obstacles that get in the way of a group learning environment should be greatly reduced.


  • Ages 4-7
  • Must attend an initial consultation meeting to determine eligibility for the class
  • Child must bring own lunch

How to begin?

Please call our main office at 713-993-7554. There is a mandatory initial consultation meeting that is required prior to signing up for the program.
This meeting can be set up when you call our office. We look forward to hearing from you!

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